The Establishment

How the Story Starts - Brief Explanation

The establishment of the Milky Way Galactic Empire is established in the 40th century. Established by Lord Teppin Kenessit a multi-trillionaire Secretary-General of the United Nations of Mars. Secretary Knesset comes from an Aristocratic family, with a distinguished military career. He is  respected among his peers, Martian dignitaries, and world leaders from the terrestrial planets and across the solar system.

He is nominated emperor by a multi-lateral commission of leaders of nations from Mars and leaders of governments from other worlds. Although he was reluctant to accept the nomination at first, his family convinced him to accept this honorable and important position. This establishment of a centralized Imperial Galactic government  was important to many because alliances between Terrestrial and Jovian worlds were in constant turmoil. These warring factions affected trade and the overall security of the solar system.

Pirates started taking control of trade routes and this created more instability and security threats. Thus, an Imperial Galactic government was established to bring about peace and stability.


Imperial Galactic Flag est. July 22, 3933 AD