Meaning of Terratron



  1. Land or territory.
  2. (In science fiction) the planet earth.



  1. Defined as a tool or device
  2. denoting a particle accelerator (cyclotron)
  3. denoting a vacuum tube (ignition)
  4. Defined as a tool or device

A Hypothetical Concept

Terraforming is a process of changing the planet's condition and making it habitable for plants and animals of planet Earth. It is a theoretical concept in today’s world and most debated by space scientists. According to NASA, the most promising planet for terraforming is Mars.

Many scientists have theorized that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are stored in the rocks of Mars. Its polar ice caps could be released back into the atmosphere to make it thicker, heat the planet, and allow liquid water to remain on the surface.


Space Colonization

Space colonization is necessary to transform a planet into outer space and make it a perfect living place. It is a permanent habitation and exploitation of natural resources from outside planet Earth.

It is a form of human presence in space, beyond human spaceflight or operating space outposts.

Science Fiction Stories & Films

In the exclusive province of science fiction stories and films, space colonization is the subject that has rapidly moved several steps closer to becoming a reality thanks to major advances in rocket propulsion and design, astronautics and astrophysics, robotics, and medicine.

Establishing Humanity as a Multi-Planet Species

In this current pandemic situation, there is an urgency to establish humanity as a multi-planet species. Many scientists are already working on this concept and finding ways to make it possible.

It is also one reason that natural and human-made catastrophes have long been espoused in the pro-colonization rhetoric.